Electronics Restoration

Full-Service Electronics Restoration

Centerline Enterprises offers a full-line of services to manage your electronics restoration project from start to finish. Specializing in electronics and appliance recovery from even the worst disasters, we can assist you in every stage of the restoration process from pick-up of the damaged items to connection of the serviced items. We offer a one-year warranty on all restored items and our highly-trained and certified staff are experts in all aspects of electronics restoration.

Electronics Restoration Services

Fire Restoration

Electronics in a fire can be damaged by not only smoke, heat and soot, but also by extinguishing agents, chemical vapors and electrical surges. Even if the exterior of an item is properly cleaned, there may be internal damage that could cause problems weeks or months down the road. We offer extensive electronics knowledge, a full service repair department, specialized cleaning agents and the advanced restoration techniques that allow us to remove fire damage without risk to damaging electronic components.

Water Restoration

Electronics exposed to water can be damaged by electrical shorts, internal corrosion and residual mineral deposits. Even if electronics we not powered on at the time of the disaster, they can still be damaged by water. We offer the latest in dehumidification processes, corrosion removal techniques, a full-service repair department and extensive knowledge of the effects of moisture on electronic devices.

Power Surge Restoration

Power surges can be devastating to electronic components. While it is always recommended to use a surge protector, inexpensive models sold at most stores are incapable of protecting against powerful electronic surges such as those that occur during lightning strikes or frequent power outages. We offer full on-site testing and provide you with information needed to determine whether repair is needed or if replacement of the item is the best option.

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The Centerline Enterprises Advantage

Unique Value Research System

Never pay more than half of the replacement value (based on like kind and quality) to restore an item. Receive current replacement values on all items.

Electronics Reconnection Service

Eliminate homeowner headaches by having us reconnect electronic devices.

Computerized Inventory Tracking

View up-to-date item status information anytime.

Rush Processing Available

Quick turnaround in as little as one business day.

On-Site Restoration

Items with minimal damage or large items can be cleaned on-site.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Low flat rate for all deliveries. Ten miles or one hundred miles, it costs the same.

Free Long-Term Storage

Never worry about paying storage fees again.

One Year Warranty

Reduce your own headaches by allowing us to cover repair and replacement costs for you for a year after a restoration.